Webinar: Transforming Energy – Buildings Net Zero Energy – 17th July 2024

10 July 2024

Want to learn more about achieving Net Zero energy in your buildings? Join Julie's Bicycle at 10am on Wednesday 17 July for an introductory webinar to learn more about their free Energy Emissions Reduction Programme and how it can support you.

With the UK government’s pledge to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, cultural organisations are setting goals and mapping out actions in order to play their part. This programme is designed to support the sector meet their environmental goals, save money, and benefit the planet.

Many organisations have begun reducing their energy-related emissions while others are just starting out and are keen to do more. This programme aims to help your organisation reduce emissions at all stages of this journey, providing resources and expert support from our technical partners, Pilio.

Following this introductory session, organisations can sign up to the programme for free resources, energy management training and webinars. (These are designed to be light touch, drop in as needed).

Reducing your energy emissions is a great way to take practical action in response to the climate crisis. The Transforming Energy programme is here to help cultural organisations become more energy efficient and decarbonise their buildings.

Many organisations have already made good progress in reducing their energy-related emissions, through energy monitoring, improving controls and energy efficiency upgrades. Others are just starting out, or keen to do more. This programme aims to support cultural organisations at all stages of this process.

Find out more on the Webinar here and Register to attend the event.