ABTT announce two new Awards to be presented at upcoming ABTT Theatre Show!

11 April 2024

The Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABTT) is eager to unveil the newest additions to its annual ABTT Awards - the ‘ABTT Award for Costume’ and ‘ABTT Award for WHAM Design’.

These fresh accolades aim to honour the expertise and significant contributions of industry professionals, as well as the creative collaborations they foster within the production process.

Presented at the annual ABTT Theatre Show on the 5th June, the brand-new ‘ABTT Award for Costume’ has been designed to honour individuals from different disciplines of the Costume sector who have achieved a command of their chosen discipline. For 2024 this Award will be celebrating Costume Managers who demonstrate excellence in the work they have undertaken.

This Award has been developed by the ABTT Costume In Theatre, Entertainment & Arts (CITEA) Committee which is made up of costume professionals with experience of large and small scale theatre, Opera and Musicals.

The new ‘ABTT Award for WHAM Design’ has been developed by ABTT Wigs, Hair and Makeup (WHAM) Committee that aims to promote the interests of the Wigs, Hair and Make-up community within the theatre industry and live events sector.

This Award is open to nominations for seasoned professionals who have made significant strides in their respective fields, be it design, innovation, or artistry. These individuals, potentially serving in roles such as designers, associates, innovators, makers, or artists, are known for their collaboration with or leadership of teams of WHAM experts.

These newly introduced awards will complement the established ‘ABTT Technician of the Year Award’ which recognises the contributions of seasoned individuals in backstage roles who consistently demonstrate technical excellence, the ‘ABTT Award for Emerging Excellence’ which celebrates the achievements of newcomers in any backstage role or discipline and the ‘ABTT Award for Environmental Sustainability’ which acknowledges a significant contribution by an individual to furthering environmental sustainability within the theatre industry.

The ABTT awards are designed to honour and applaud the behind-the-scenes champions of our sector, acknowledging their significant contributions and substantial impact. This initiative serves as an acknowledgement of individuals who have consistently delivered production excellence.

This year’s Award Ceremony will be held at the stunning Alexandra Palace on Wednesday 5th June at 6pm following a fun-filled day at the ABTT Theatre Show. The ABTT warmly invites you to join them and your industry peers and raise a toast to our industries collective achievements.

After the ceremony, attendees will also have an opportunity to network with industry colleagues at the ABTT Theatre Show Networking Event on the Alexandra Palace Terrace overlooking the iconic London landscape. There will be an enhanced range of food and drinks available this year to ensure nothing interrupts the conviviality of the evening.

ABTT CITEA Committee Chair Caroline Townsend noted:

“We are very excited and proud to be launching a pioneering award category in costume. Over the past two decades great strides have been made in education and the profession to recognise this area of practice and CITEA with the support of the ABTT feel this is the time to celebrate with a National award.”

ABTT WHAM Committee Chair Anette Ollerearnshaw added:

“I am proud to be able to launch this pioneering awards category celebrating craft and design expertise on behalf of the ABTT and my peers. It signifies an unprecedented recognition for the advances we have made in education, technology and creativity on and behind the stage over the last two decades.”

ABTT Event Manager, Elysia Moore said:

“The ABTT is very excited to unveil two new awards, designed to shine a spotlight on the individuals whose remarkable contributions often go unnoticed in our industry. We take immense pride in being a comprehensive membership organisation that represents the entire industry spectrum. It’s crucial to us that every role in the industry is lauded, and their accomplishments recognised and valued. After all, it’s their exceptional talent that propels our industry into the future!”

Seize this opportunity to acknowledge the difference-makers of our industry: start submitting your nominations for the annual ABTT People Awards. Nominations should be sent to admin@abtt.org.uk by midnight on Sunday 12th May 2024.

Specifications & nomination details can be found here.

To book your FREE ticket to attend the ABTT Theatre Show and Awards Ceremony please do so here.

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