ABTT announces new and re-appointed Trustees at Annual General Meeting at Trafalgar Theatre

24 June 2024

This year, the Association of British Theatre Technicians’ Annual General Meeting and Council Election Announcement took place at the Trafalger Theatre, London on the 21st June 2024.

ABTT Members were invited to attend from 12pm with formal business commencing at 12.15pm followed by refreshments and a chance for members to catch up before regrouping at for a backstage tour of the venue.

Three vacancies on the ABTT Council came into being at the time of the Annual General Meeting. The ABTT Council, which is made up of 11 Trustee-Directors, each elected by the Membership maintain the running of the ABTT Group, is responsible for the overall management of the ABTT and provide vital support in steering and advising on our work.

The ABTT were delighted to receive nominations for Election as a Trustee-Directors from Oliver Brown, and Ben Stephen, (who had both completed their current three-year term of office and wished to reapply) and from Mark Dakin.

As we received three nominations to fill three open vacancies, no vote was required and ABTT CEO Robin Townley welcomed Oliver Brown, Mark Dakin and Ben Stephen to the ABTT Council to serve a three-year term joining Mig Burgess Walsh, Alexander Cann, David Evans, Anette Ollerearnshaw, Matthew Smethurst Evens, Suzy Somerville, Emma Wilson and Anton Woodward. Robin’s welcome was echoed by all those gathered.

The ABTT wishes to reiterate its congratulations to all the newly appointed Trustee Directors and look forward to welcoming them at the next Council Meeting!