ABTT launch CPD Courses in a wide variety of topics – Book now!

7 February 2023

The ABTT offers a wide range of practical Technical Courses each year covering various topics. Our courses are designed to ensure that the candidates develop both their practical skill set as well as understanding the regulations and health and safety requirements behind them. This combination of practical and theoretical work ensures that a through understanding of the material and how to apply it in a day to day role is achieved. These courses are scheduled throughout the year in Glasgow, Portsmouth, Manchester, Warwick and London.

Courses on offer include:

One-day CPD Course: ABTT Introduction to Health & Safety and Manual Handling
London, 6th March 2023 : Information
Manchester, 17th April 2023: Information
Portsmouth,9th May 2023 : Information

One-day CPD Course: ABTT Working at Height and Safe Use of Temporary Access Equipment
London, 7th March 2023 : Information
Manchester, 20th April 2023 : Information
Portsmouth, 10th May 2023 : Information

One-day CPD Course: ABTT Ropes, Knots and Splicing
London, 8th March 2023: Information
Manchester,18th April 2023 : Information
Portsmouth, 11th May 2023: Information

One-day CPD Course: ABTT Fundamentals of Flying
London, 9th March 2023 : Information
Manchester, 21st April 2023: Information
Portsmouth, 12th May 2023: Information

 One-day CPD Course: ABTT Electrical Fundamentals
London, 10th March 2023 : Information
Manchester, 19th April 2023: Information
Portsmouth, 17th May 2023: Information