One-day CPD Course: ABTT Fundamentals of Flying (Birmingham, The Rep)

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Non-member’s price £285+VAT

1 August | 10:00 am - 5:00pm

Birmingham, Birmingham Rep

It is recommended that equivalent learning as provided by the Ropes, Knots and Splicing CPD (Course 3)should have been achieved before booking this course, or these CPDs should be booked together.

One-day CPD Course: ABTT Fundamentals of Flying  (Birmingham, The Rep)

The ABTT are offering this one day CPD course covering the ‘Fundamentals of Flying’. This CPD course is one module of five which forms the ABTT Bronze Award Course.
The ABTT CPD Courses can be taken alone or as part of the larger Bronze Award which is a SCQF Level 7 qualification which is recognised through the Industry.

What does this CPD Course Cover:

The Fundamentals of Flying (Course 5): teaches safe handling of counterweight sets and hemp, covering terminology, parts of a counterweight set, loading and unloading, operating, first line maintenance, single/double purchase systems, knots in practice, tying off at a pin rail, spotting and other methods of hanging. At the end of this training you will receive CPD completion certificate. If you wish to complete the additional 4 days of CPD Training you will then be in a position to receive the full ABTT Bronze Award.

What is the Bronze Award for Theatre Technicians?

The Bronze Award is a five day course which gives candidates knowledge and understanding of best practice. Details on what is included in this course can be found here.

Whether you are working in regional rep, touring, multi-art form studios, community theatre, in the West End or as a freelancer this course is applicable to you.

The Bronze Award delivers the first vocational step for professional development for the theatre technician and is undertaken in various venues throughout the year.
So if you are looking at starting out in the Industry, or need to validate your skills with a recognised qualification, this course is for you.

Who can do the course?

Both ABTT members and non-members are eligible to take these courses – though it is often be cheaper to become a member prior to booking.


A theatre technician uses a lift line to fly a bar manually while observing the bar's position.

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