What are the benefits of being a FULL Member?

There are many benefits to applying to become a FULL ABTT Member.

It enables you to have your skills and experience validated by your peers, gain voting rights and become eligible to stand for election to our governing body, the ABTT Council if you so desire.

You would also be eligible to apply to join several committees dealing with areas of specific interest and expertise.

How does it work?

You must first be an Associate or Retired Associate of the ABTT To apply to become a FULL Member.
You then submit a CV and 2 references. All applications are considered by the ABTT Council of Management.

The eleven elected Trustee-Directors on the Council have all been through exactly the same process and they are seeking to confirm that you have relevant experience and a manifest commitment to the technical aspects of the art of the theatre.

How do I apply?

In order to do apply, all we require from you is the following;

• Recent CV
• Two referees ( please include their full names, titles and email addresses)

We then contact details for your referees and once references are returned we submit your application for admission as a Full MEMBER of the ABTT at out next Council Meeting.

Simply apply online here or alternatively, email the office with the relevant details at office@abtt.org.uk