Dirty Rigger™ Washable Fask Mask (Pack of 5):

100% cotton, washable face mask. Pleated design for freedom of movement and exceptional comfort…

GIG Screen: sneeze or cough screen guard

Designed specifically for smaller venues where space just isn’t an option. A durable metal frame supports an easy to clean, transparent PVC sneeze/cough guard. Fitted with lockable castor wheels for easy mobility. Assembles in under two minutes.

Hazard Duct Tape: Carpet Compatible

Designed to adhere to a huge variety of clean, dry surfaces. A water resistant coating on the outer shell helps to repel water from the surface of the tape.

Keep a Safe Distance Floor Marking Tape: 66m

Help increase social distancing awareness with our durable floor marking tape. Simply trim each strip and lay 2 meters apart. Ideal for temporary marking of walkways, queuing areas, waiting rooms, offices, hospitals and more.

Lamp and Pencil: Queue Lights

A remote control traffic light system providing simple, effective queue management.  Available as floor standing, wall or door mounted units.
To see more details please click here, For more information please email info@queuelights.co.uk for more information.

Clip on Sanitser Holder, with elastic to hold bottle in place, fits most standard 50ml bottles

 All Face Coverings are made to order. Coverings are double layer Oeko-Tex 100& Cotton fabric with an additional polypropylene inner making them triple layer. Included: Aluminium nose strip with spare included and pocket for removable filter.

RB Health and Safety: Covid-19 Safety Signs

Free printable signs to help create a COVID-secure workplace.

RB Health and Safety: Covid-19 Return to Work Questionnaire

Free return to work questionnaire for company’s to use for their employees. We will send them a unique pin for their employees to use to access the questionnaire and the completed form will then be emailed to the email address provided. RB does not receive these forms.

RB Health and Safety: Covid-19 Supplier List

A list of trusted suppliers to provide support for businesses and venues in becoming Covid-19 compliant.

RB Health and Safety: Covid-19 ELearning

We have developed a free eLearning course for Re-entry to the Workplace Anxiety and a Covid-19 Awareness course, which costs £5.00 (plus VAT).

RB Health and Safety: Covid-19 Anitbody Testing

We are now providing rapid test kits, these kits provide results within 10 minutes and are an ideal workplace screening tool. Recently used by the Red Cross to test the entire population of Monaco, these kits have been supplied to governments, hospitals, care homes and businesses around the world in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

RB Health and Safety: Covid-19 Risk Assessments

We have put together a ‘COVID-19 Remobilisation Assessment’ to help you to meet the responsibility you have, as an employer, to keep you, your staff and others safe.

RB Health and Safety: Covid-19 Training

We have recently developed virtual training courses including Covid-19 First Aid Top Up, Covid-19 Compliance Officer training, and Covid-19 Remobilisation for Schools to help our clients during Covid-19. and https://www.rbhealthandsafety.co.uk/courses/in-company/covid-19-compliance-officer-for-theatres#virtual .