Interview: Terry Lane interviewed by Richard Demarco on Stephen Joseph (courtesy of Michael Lloyd)

Article: A Brief History of the Stephen Joseph Committee by Christine Stott

Article: Adaptable Theatres by Paul Roberts

Article:  ABTT at 60 years by Paul Roberts

Article: ‘Gather Round…’ Stephen Joseph and the Art of Celebration by Barbara Day

This article provides an excellent summary of Stephen Joseph’s work and relevance to contemporary theatre. It manages to be both concise and rigorous and, by being hosted on the site of the Society for Theatre Research, it is open access and freely available to teachers, students and theatre makers to find out more about Joseph.

The SJC is lucky to have an academic authority, such as Barbara Day who also has lived experience of Joseph’s working methods – a visit to this link is well worth people’s time!

Article: Stephen Joseph – Maverick Theatre Genius by Alistair Livingstone

Article: Stephen Joseph and Stage Lighting – by Robert Millington

Article: Richard Pilbrow on Stephen Joseph by Richard Pilbrow

Article:Stephen Joseph and the Potteries Theatre in the Round by Les Powner

Article:  Stephen Joseph at Manchester by Peter Thomson

Article: Stephen Joseph The Devils and an Actor’s View – Terry Wilton

Article:Theatre as an Agent for Social Change by Roland Joffe

Article: Theatre on a String: by Barbara Day

Thesis: Stephen Joseph – His Work and Ideas by Rodney Woods

Transcript: Barbara Day – “Theatre that is always at a beginning”(from ABTT Seminar ‘Theatre then and now’)

Transcript: Peter Tate – “To be or not to be..?”  (from ABTT Seminar ‘Theatre then and now’)

Transcript: Sam Walters – “In the age of technology, is live theatre yesterday’s art form?” (from ABTT Seminar ‘Theatre then and now’)


Other relevant work:

Article:Stephen Joseph’s theatre revolution – from Alan Ayckbourn to Kevin Spacey by Tim Auld

Article: Stephen Joseph, Alan Ayckbourn’s Influences

Article: Remembering Stephen by Alan Ayckbourn


Archives and Research:

Stephen Joseph Archive by Bob Millington

Archive: Stephen Joseph by Alan Ayckbourn

Archive: Archive relating to the work of Theatre-in-the-Round Pioneer Stephen Joseph by Terry Lane

Article: Archaeologists think they’ve found London’s oldest theater

Article: Marking the centenary of theatre-in-the-round pioneer Stephen Joseph’s birth by New Vic

Book: The Full Round, the Several Lives and Theatrical Legacy of Stephen Joseph by Terry Lane (Kindle Edition)

Video: Simon Murgatroyd talking about SJ’s influence on Alan Ayckbourn

Video: Words by Stephen Joseph: Theatre World Magazine 1959 by SJT