This week at the ABTT (18th – 22nd November )

22 November 2019

18th November
Creative Careers Week Launch

This week the ABTT will be taking part in promoting the #DiscoverCreativeCareers campaign, part of the Creative Careers Programme.

Careers opportunities in the creative industries are increasing daily with employment in the sector growing three times faster than the rest of the UK economy. This growth shows no signs of slowing down, yet many young people and those that support their career choices aren’t aware of the breadth of roles and vast areas of work available – we want to change that.

Taking place across England from 18th – 22nd November, Discover! Creative Careers Week will see over 500 employers from across the creative industries opening their doors to thousands of young people to inspire and inform the next generation of workers. – many of which are ABTT Affiliate Organisations or Industry Supporters!

During the week, young people will get go back stage at the National Theatre, explore individual career paths by attending the careers with Crewe Lyceum Theatre, get a taste of the world of Theatre by exploring all the different roles that are available in the theatre industry with Get into Theatre.

Find out more about Creative Careers here.

22nd November
ABTT Training Courses

ABTT CEO, Robin Townley traveled to Warwick today to discuss in more detail the ABTT Summer School which is run in July and August each year at the Warwick Arts Centre.

The ABTT Summer School consists of the ABTT’s most popular courses running alongside one another over the course of 7 days. The courses offer practical training covering various topics, designed to ensure that the candidates develop both their practical skill set as well as understanding the regulations and health and safety requirements behind them.

Courses running at the ABTT Summer School usually include:

ABTT Bronze Award for Theatre Technicians
ABTT Silver Award for Stage Technicians
ABTT Silver Award for Sound Technicians
ABTT Silver Award for Theatre Electricians
ABTT Gold Award for Theatre Technicians

For more information on when our courses are running please see here.