What does an Affiliated Organisational Membership do for you?

Affiliated Organisational Membership will provide you and your staff with access to technical advice, consultations, training and are a vital resource to those working in the technical theatre industry.

We are a resource for members to find the best information and advice on safe working practices within the theatre industry. We advise on safety, planning, good practice and enforcement, whilst also providing publications to support this knowledge.

We encourage our members to validate and develop their skills through recognised training – providing technical education at all levels: in-service training and seminars. We are also encouraged networking and the exchange of information for the betterment of our members and the industry as a whole.

If you are an establishment with Students or Apprentices the ABTT are happy for you to offer them a discounted Young Associate membership from £25 per year to only £10. To apply for this discounted membership, please provide us with the number of students and their email addresses. You can contact the ABTT on admin@abtt.org.uk.

How does Affiliated Organisational Membership work?

As an Affiliated Organisation,  you can nominate three, six or nine beneficiaries to receive individual benefits like access to the Technical Helpline, TAP Card, quarterly magazine Sightline and more.

The big advantage of Affiliated Organisation Membership is that the organisation retains the memberships and may assign them to members of the production, operations and technical teams as they require.

As personnel leave the organisation and new staff arrive you may be certain that it is your current team who are benefiting from ABTT membership benefits and not someone who left you six or nine months ago.  The Affiliated Organisation may nominate the beneficiaries of the membership benefits and may change these named individuals as many times as required.

Affiliate ABTT Membership also provides organisations with three, six or nine free job advertisements each year, along with discounts on training both in venue and on our general courses around the UK.

Membership also allows you to get discounts on our Publications such as the recently updated Yellow Book (‘Technical Standards of Places of Entertainment’) for all your Health and Safety requirements, access to our Technical Helpline for any queries you may have and also provides up to three staff members with benefits too.

Why support the ABTT?

The ABTT is a registered charity with the aim of advancing education in the technical subjects related to theatre and promoting good theatre design and theatrical presentation.

We campaign on behalf of the theatre industry to ensure legislation is appropriate to the industry’s needs, producing a Code of Practice for the Theatre Industry with the support of the industry’s Theatre Safety Committee.

The HSE recognise our Code of Practice as an Established Standard within its Enforcement Management Model. Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment (The Yellow Book) is at the heart of the Code of Practice.

Your support enables us to continue doing this vital work and maintain self-regulation within our industry.

Becoming an Affiliated Organisation:

You can now join the ABTT as an Affiliated ~Organisation online here.

Simply provide us with all the relevant details and we will get in touch and set this up for you.

If you would like to discuss becoming an Affiliated Organisation in more detail, please contact us here.

For details on the types of Affiliate Membership we have please see below.

Affiliated Organisation Membership Types:

Affiliated Organisation (3 members) £250
Large Affiliated Organisation (6 members) £500
Double Large Affiliated Organisation (9 members) £750

Affiliated Organisation Membership Benefits: