What does the ISG Group do for you?

We publish the details of our ISG members on the ABTT website and in every edition of Sightline, the ABTT’s quarterly journal of record.

We promote the ABTT ISG Members as the “go to” list for service providers who have particular expertise and interest in theatre, the performing arts and places of entertainment.

We field an increasing number of enquiries for specialist service providers and we recommend such enquirers to the list of members of the ABTT Industry Supporters’ Group.

In a world of apparent limitless online search responses this is a way that, very often, first time  performing arts clients can have confidence that they are approaching a service provider who has an understanding of their world.

We are very pleased for members to be able to benefit from an online profile, acknowledgement and connections that membership provides. The ABTT membership also includes 200 venues around the country that are run by Trusts or Foundations. which can be seen here.

If you are an establishment with Apprentices, the ABTT are happy for you to offer them a discounted Young Associate membership from £25 per year to only £10. To apply for this discounted membership, please provide us with the number of apprentices and their email addresses. You can contact the ABTT on admin@abtt.org.uk.

Why support the ABTT?

The ABTT is a registered charity with the aim of advancing education in the technical subjects related to theatre and promoting good theatre design and theatrical presentation.

We also produce a Code of Practice for the Theatre Industry with the support of the industry’s Theatre Safety Committee.

The HSE recognise our Code of Practice as an Established Standard within its Enforcement Management Model. ‘Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment’ (The Yellow Book) is at the heart of the Code of Practice.

Joining the ISG Group:

You can now join the ABTT as an Industry Supporter online here.

Simply provide us with all the relevant details and we will get in touch and set this up for you.

If you would like to discuss becoming an industry supporter in more detail, please contact us here.

For details on the types of Industry Supporter Membership we have please see below.

Industry Supporter Membership Types: